And Acquaintances Turn To Friends

And acquaintances turn to friends I hope those friends they remember me Hold the night for ransom as we kidnap the memories Not sure there is a way to express what you meant to me Sit around a table and use those years as the centerpiece – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: “Cowboy Boots” This is […]

Helping Others

This is how it’s done, people. “OWS is going to start buying distressed debt (medical bills, student loans, etc.) in order to forgive it. As a test run, we spent $500, which bought $14,000 of distressed debt. We then ERASED THAT DEBT. (If you’re a debt broker, once you own someone’s debt you can do […]

Up To Our Necks

“This. This passion. This love for what we are born to do. Whatever that is for each of us. Like her, our days should be filled with it. Every moment. We should wake up each day inching to get up to our necks in it. To be covered with it. To be a part of […]