Our Job Is Not To “Develop Learning”

As software developers, we often think our job is to develop software, but, really, that is just the means to an end, and the end is to empower businesses to reach their goals. Your code may be elegant, but if it doesn’t meet the objectives (be they time or business) it doesn’t f***ing work. Leon […]


Scale images up with fractals and Perfect Resize This has been around for a while. But it’s still awesome, and useful when you get those crappy 400-600 pixel images from clients or family members. How to automatically incorporate edits into your course (via Tracy) Export and import “translation” Word files. SMEs and content reviewers can […]

And Acquaintances Turn To Friends

And acquaintances turn to friends I hope those friends they remember me Hold the night for ransom as we kidnap the memories Not sure there is a way to express what you meant to me Sit around a table and use those years as the centerpiece – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: “Cowboy Boots” This is […]

ASTD TK13: Ellen Wagner on Analytics

My notes from Ellen Wagner’s presentation introducing big data to ASTD. We’ve accumulated 2.8ZBs of data. That’s an insane amount of information. People are willing to give up some privacy for convenience – tracking on sites like Amazon, Netflix – all recommendations based on “data breadcrumbs” you’ve left behind. Learning organizations need to be more […]