Review: MakeSomeTime Invoicing App

In my never-ending quest for the perfect project management (PM) system, I recently came across MakeSomeTime (MST). “That’s an interesting name,” was the first thing I thought. The interface is shiny and the dashboard is decent, but it is slow, and it doesn’t have the basic feature I require now from a PM tool when […]

Choosing Asana Over Basecamp

I have a long history of testing every known tech service or product on the market. I also have a history of never committing to one and the constant state of flux was manageable when I was just doing a few freelance projects on the side. Since taking my business full time, though, I’ve struggled […]

Olympus Has Fallen…Out

This looked like a movie I’d really like. An attack on our soil, a patriotic, badass response, and Morgan Freeman as a high-ranking official yelling at people. What it actually is, though, is a bad mashup of Rambo and Die Hard, set in the White House. Gerard Butler as a secret service agent. Really? A […]