I’ve been fortunate to have multiple opportunities to present at different conferences around the country. I look forward these opportunities to share, learn and connect. If you’d like me to speak at your event, let me know.

Past Events:

Training Conference 2017

  • Design for All: Creating Accessible Learning Experiences

ATD Tech Knowledge 2017

  • DISRUPT: Collaborative Design Studio with Becca Wilson and Sarah Gilbert
  • Accessibility: Designing Learning Experiences for All

DevLearn 2016

  • HyperDrive: Visualizing Data for Diversity in Healthcare
  • Panel: Designing Accessible Learning Experiences

Keynote: BLR LearningCon 2016

  • Design for All: Accessible Learning Experiences

FocusOn 2016

  • xAPI Camp

LEAP Ahead 2016

  • Design for All: Accessible Learning Experiences

DevLearn 2015

  • HyperDrive: WordPress and xAPI – The Learn xAPI Experiment
  • xAPI Camp

Up to All of Us 2013

ASTD Tech Knowledge 2013

DevLearn 2012

ASTD Houston Tech Conference

  • “Improving Accessibility and Usability in Learning”

mLearnCon 2012

  • “Tools for Developing mLearning”

Penn State Web Conference 2012

  • “Intelligent Content: The Time is Now” (with Reuben Tozman)
  • “Yours, Mine and Ours: Copyright and Creative Commons” (with Stevie Rocco)

Learning Solutions 2012

  • “A Field Report on Cloud Technologies”

Up To All of Us 2012

DevLearn 2011

  • “Remember the User: Improving Accessibility and Usability in Learning”

mLearnCon 2011

  • “Designing mLearning Experiences”
  • “Accessibility in mLearning”
  • “Introduction to Mobile Operating Systems”
  • “Flash vs. HTML: Does It Really Matter?”

Learning Solutions 2011

  • “Bringing Content to Life: Creating Simulations from Scratch” (with Kevin Thorn)

DevLearn 2009

  • “Usability in Learning”

eLearning DevCon 2009

  • “Rapid Development Tools”
  • “Usability and Accessibility in Learning”