I’ve been fortunate to have multiple opportunities to present at different conferences around the country. I look forward these opportunities to share, learn and connect. You can learn more over at duce.co.

If you’d like me to speak at your event, let me know.


Keynote, Canadian Elearning Conference (July, 2018)

Past Events:

xAPI Camp at Learning Solutions (March 2018)

PACT xAPI Workshop and Presentation (May 2018)

FocusOn Learning 2017

 Responsive Performance Support with WordPress and xAPI

Deconstructing Games: Game of Phones

Elearning Guild Accessibility Summit 2017

Training Conference 2017

  • Design for All: Creating Accessible Learning Experiences

ATD Tech Knowledge 2017

  • DISRUPT: Collaborative Design Studio with Becca Wilson and Sarah Gilbert
  • Accessibility: Designing Learning Experiences for All

DevLearn 2016

  • HyperDrive: Visualizing Data for Diversity in Healthcare
  • Panel: Designing Accessible Learning Experiences

Keynote: BLR LearningCon 2016

  • Design for All: Accessible Learning Experiences

FocusOn 2016

  • xAPI Camp

LEAP Ahead 2016

  • Design for All: Accessible Learning Experiences

DevLearn 2015

  • HyperDrive: WordPress and xAPI – The Learn xAPI Experiment
  • xAPI Camp

Up to All of Us 2013

ASTD Tech Knowledge 2013

DevLearn 2012

ASTD Houston Tech Conference

  • “Improving Accessibility and Usability in Learning”

mLearnCon 2012

  • “Tools for Developing mLearning”

Penn State Web Conference 2012

  • “Intelligent Content: The Time is Now” (with Reuben Tozman)
  • “Yours, Mine and Ours: Copyright and Creative Commons” (with Stevie Rocco)

Learning Solutions 2012

  • “A Field Report on Cloud Technologies”

Up To All of Us 2012

DevLearn 2011

  • “Remember the User: Improving Accessibility and Usability in Learning”

mLearnCon 2011

  • “Designing mLearning Experiences”
  • “Accessibility in mLearning”
  • “Introduction to Mobile Operating Systems”
  • “Flash vs. HTML: Does It Really Matter?”

Learning Solutions 2011

  • “Bringing Content to Life: Creating Simulations from Scratch” (with Kevin Thorn)

DevLearn 2009

  • “Usability in Learning”

eLearning DevCon 2009

  • “Rapid Development Tools”
  • “Usability and Accessibility in Learning”