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Geek Survival Bracelet – I so need one of these. (via FG) Coffee – excellence in napkin art Make Safari Open targeted links in tabs instead of windows – awesome for gmail K.I.T.T. GPS – holy smack I want one Pearl Jam’s Ten Going Rock Band – excellent! Mother’s Cookies Live On! (via ODL) – great news! Barf Bag iPhone Mount: Awesome! No […]

Gruber on Apple – DF Rocks

Daring Fireball: Another Example of Why ‘Cult of Mac’ Is Held in Such High Esteem What\’s important to Apple about this process isn\’t that it makes laptops cheaper. It\’s that it makes them better at the same prices. One of the best lines I’ve read, ever, about Apple. So true.

More About the New Macbooks – 2 HDs in a Laptop!?

APC has a nice little tidbit with more info on the new Macbooks, including this wonderful nugget: The new MacBook (and Pro) are the first notebooks from Apple to use a SATA optical drive. This means that if you were prepared to jerry-rig it up, you could actually take out the optical drive and put […]