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The Ultimate Collection of Professional Free Fonts (via Mike Taylor) Why Good Writers Avoid Adverbs and Adjectives “You need not be as sparse as Hemingway but in that general direction you ought sway.” (via Jason) Apples Does it Again – AssistiveTouch Plagiarism Explained by Common Craft The Inklings and Where Good Ideas Come From Michael […]

A Brilliant Man Makes a Graceful Exit

I\’m not going to be coy about it. Steve Jobs has made things that have been part of my life since I was six years-old. The man, through his craft, influenced the man I\’m still becoming. – Aaron Silvers: “Influence“ A brilliant man has exited 1 Infinite Loop. But his influence will be felt for […]

Why Apple is Dominating

Good marketing may get people in the door the first time, but good product design gets them in the door the second (and third, and fourth, and fifth) time. – Shawn Blanc Apple isn’t dominating because of clever marketing. They’re dominating because they make awesome products that people can’t wait to use. And when they […]