Choosing Asana Over Basecamp

I have a long history of testing every known tech service or product on the market. I also have a history of never committing to one and the constant state of flux was manageable when I was just doing a few freelance projects on the side. Since taking my business full time, though, I’ve struggled […]

Prioritize the Design Experience

This goes for all products and services. Design is not just one phase of a project or one step in a process. It’s critical to the entire project and everything related to a product or service. Design is everything. “Prioritize the design experience. Too often we’ve seen enterprise companies that leave design as the last […]

Judgement Matters

“In order for information to become knowledge, an internal transformation must take place that allows connections to be made, and information to become usable.” … “I think that real talent knows the rules, can rely on them for guidance, and then steps outside expectations to use expertise and judgment to come up with novel solutions.” […]