Saddleback Gives Back

Another reason I’ve added Saddleback Leather as one of my favorite companies.

  1. They are made in America. Right here in Texas.
  2. They give back to they community and the world, as shown in this video. Awesome.

Check out their YouTube channel for more. Then, go buy something awesome, that will last forever.

I’m waiting on the funds, but one of their products may be the only thing that I buy this year that’s not an iPad 2 or Macbook Air.

Simplify The Season of Stuff

Last year, Patrick posted about the things to keep in mind during the season of stuff. It was timely, and led to this post asking those that give to us to consider donations, or money toward a high-value item that would last years, over the small stuff that will be discarded within a year.

Think about this as you go through this holiday season. What is truly meaningful to you? What message do you want to send your kids and/or grandkids? You have a wonderful opportunity!

Let’s change it up, give back, and keep this season simple and fun, remembering its true value is in the friends and family you celebrate with.

Giving Back 2010: Blog Action Day for Water

So it’s Blog Action Day, 2010. I had been planning a longer post than this, and I still hope to finish it later tonight, but I wanted to get something up before the day was over.

Look, there are a lot of reasons to give back to society. A lot of us do, a lot of us don’t. It’s a personal choice. Here’s my pitch for giving back:

Consider how lucky you are. If you’re even reading this post, you’re so lucky it’s ridiculous. You have power. You have the internet. You have a smart phone, an iPad or a computer. That alone puts you at a great advantage over the majority of the people on this planet. Most of you have a job that pays you more than $5 per day.

You’re lucky.

Consider the magnitude of this. You have an incredible opportunity to do good. To be good. To help someone that is not as fortunate as you. It’s simple. Donate $1. Donate $100. Volunteer. Write a blog post about a charity. Share this link on Facebook or Twitter. It doesn’t matter. It’s simple.

Give back.

If you’d like to give back, and want to join in the official charity for Blog Action Day, use the widget below. Otherwise, check out Charity Water, Village Learning and Achievement Center, or Serve.

The Giving (and Wasting) Season

Ryan Expedition

A plea to those who enjoy giving this time of year:

Patrick posted this over at Minimal Mac and it got me thinking.

All of this stuff will generate a bunch of stuff to be thrown away or recycled. Wrapping, packaging, spent gift cards – they all have to end up somewhere. Not to mention all of the stuff we had to build and machines we run in order to make the stuff we give and receive.Then once the season is over, in fact the very next day, comes the inevitable stuff we have to return (for cash to buy stuff if you have the receipt, exchange for different stuff if not).

Last year, we pledged $50 each (half our gift budget) to a charity, and cut down on gifts. We’re doing the same thing this year, and, again, I ask friends and family to consider donating to charity or the kids’ college funds in place of more stuff.

We have enough stuff. We need less of it. I’m trying to minimize. If it’s meaningful, functional and worthwhile, awesome. If it’s frivolous or wasteful, save the money and put it to better use, please.

Think about all the good we can do! We welcome the generosity, but would like to redirect it to something more substantial, that’s all. 🙂

Thanks in advance!