Saddleback Gives Back

Another reason I’ve added Saddleback Leather as one of my favorite companies. They are made in America. Right here in Texas. They give back to they community and the world, as shown in this video. Awesome. Check out their YouTube channel for more. Then, go buy something awesome, that will last forever. I’m waiting on […]

Simplify The Season of Stuff

Last year, Patrick posted about the things to keep in mind during the season of stuff. It was timely, and led to this post asking those that give to us to consider donations, or money toward a high-value item that would last years, over the small stuff that will be discarded within a year. Think about […]

The Giving (and Wasting) Season

A plea to those who enjoy giving this time of year: Patrick posted this over at Minimal Mac and it got me thinking. All of this stuff will generate a bunch of stuff to be thrown away or recycled. Wrapping, packaging, spent gift cards – they all have to end up somewhere. Not to mention […]