Spanning Sync Made Me $1000

Three things:

  1. Charity gets half, as promised.
  2. Thanks Aaron.
  3. Drobo on order.

Charlie from Spanning Sync:

“Last night at 6:33pm CST you made your 200th Save 5+Make 5 referral. Congratulations on being our first $1,000 affiliate! I’ll be writing a blog post about it.”

Be good, people.

Synchronize iCal and Address Book with Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts

Picture 9.png

Synchronize iCal and Address Book with Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts. Share calendars and contacts among multiple Macs. And while you’re at it, connect Google Apps to your iPhone or iPod.

Spanning Sync, my favorite synchronization tool as a Google Apps user and a Mac user, has released an update, version 2.02, with some minor bug fixes and improvements to overall speed and a smaller memory footprint.

Get this app, sync your life, save $5, and give to charity, all by clicking here.

Social Responsiblity – Care for Mankind

I have a category on my site that is “Be Good.” I frequently come across wonderful deeds being done in this crazy web 2.0 (I hate that term, but it’s sort of relevant here) world.

I posted earlier about the September project, and it’s success, and, unfortunately, it’s failure to meet the ultimate goal by the end of September. With as much money that there is flowing around in this world, with campaigns, blog revenues, and whatever else, it’s a shame we can’t all come together to meet the needs of these charities and their reasonable goals.

About a month ago, I posted about Spanning Sync, which has in turn yielded an incredible return for doing very little on my part. To date, I have made over $700 on Spanning Sync referrals. All for doing nothing but writing a silly post and review about it. This is from a software program that I don’t even use much outside of syncing contacts.

I also get referral money for hosting, WordPress themes, contact management and online accounting software that I love.

As Aaron did a few weeks ago (thanks for the thoughts on our Ike situation), I am pledging 50% of my referral profits back to charity. I volunteer, I donate time, money and items to good causes, but it’s never enough. We can do more. I support Kiva, DonorsChoose and many more.

Poverty is another huge issue we can fix, hence the Blog Action Day link at the top of this post. Think about your situation and then think about what you can do to help. It’s the right thing to do.

If you read this entire post, and you need anything technology related (themes, software, hardware), please let me know because I might have an affiliate account, and you’d not only be helping me out, but helping out a charity as well. I’ll even support the charity of your choosing if you’d like to post a comment and let me know.

The important thing in all of this is social responsibility. We all have a place in this world (and this World Wide Web), and we need to make sure we’re giving back.

Spanning Sync 2.0 Released – Review and Coupon

So a couple weeks ago, I was dealing with Ike. While I was powerless and, thus, Mac-less (which made me want an iPhone even more), Spanning Sync not only released version 2.0 (now with full Google Contacts sync), but also a quick 2.0.1 update.

The new stuff I thought was substantial:

  • Contact syncing! Spanning Sync now syncs Address Book with Google contacts.
  • Contact photo syncing! (Awesome)
  • Changes in iCal and Address Book are automatically pushed to Google as they’re made.
  • Improved, easier-to-use preference pane UI.
  • Dramatically improved network performance.
  • Improved support for syncing huge (10,000+ events) calendars
  • Improved support for syncing large numbers of contacts
  • Improved support for multi-Mac configurations.
  • Improved compatibility with MobileMe.

Speaking of Google Contacts, did you know there was a dedicated site for your contacts now? Pretty cool, though it’s still very rough around the edges. I’m surprised Google hasn’t done more with contacts yet. It’s a huge market for them, and no one has conquered it yet.

Anyhow. For now, I’m mainly using Spanning Sync to sync my contacts. I rarely use iCal, but I’m thinking my kids might use it more, thus making this software/service much more useful. But even if I was only using it for contact syncing, it’s worth my $20.

I wouldn’t be bragging about this software if it weren’t such a steal. If you use my coupon code, D8BYCM you’ll save $5, and, in turn, get your own coupon code allowing you to make $5 for every referral. I covered my $20 about two days after I posted my referral code. (Thank you Aaron.)

Try it out for yourself – and let me know how much money YOU make!