Spanning Sync Made Me $1000

Three things: Charity gets half, as promised. Thanks Aaron. Drobo on order. Charlie from Spanning Sync: “Last night at 6:33pm CST you made your 200th Save 5+Make 5 referral. Congratulations on being our first $1,000 affiliate! I’ll be writing a blog post about it.” Be good, people.

Synchronize iCal and Address Book with Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts

Synchronize iCal and Address Book with Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts. Share calendars and contacts among multiple Macs. And while you’re at it, connect Google Apps to your iPhone or iPod. Spanning Sync, my favorite synchronization tool as a Google Apps user and a Mac user, has released an update, version 2.02, with some minor […]

Social Responsiblity – Care for Mankind

I have a category on my site that is “Be Good.” I frequently come across wonderful deeds being done in this crazy web 2.0 (I hate that term, but it’s sort of relevant here) world. I posted earlier about the September project, and it’s success, and, unfortunately, it’s failure to meet the ultimate goal by […]

Spanning Sync 2.0 Released – Review and Coupon

So a couple weeks ago, I was dealing with Ike. While I was powerless and, thus, Mac-less (which made me want an iPhone even more), Spanning Sync not only released version 2.0 (now with full Google Contacts sync), but also a quick 2.0.1 update. The new stuff I thought was substantial: Contact syncing! Spanning Sync […]