Spanning Sync Update, Discount Coupon and Easy Money

Spanning Sync, which I’ve been using for over a year now to sync my Mac and iPhone with Google Calendar and Contacts, has some really great updates over the last couple of months. I’m just getting around to posting about it.

First off, their Save $5, Make $5 program is still going strong. It’s easy money folks. Use code D8BYCM when you sign up for the subscription, and you get your own discount code. Find four people who need this sync functionality, and you’ve made your money back. Find more and you’re making money for using a tool that you’ll use anyway. Pretty sweet.

In addition, Spanning Tools are available, and they’ve recently announced a Spanning Backup service that is looking for beta testers. They also helped Postbox develop their referral program. Pretty sweet. It’s a Save $10, Make $5 program. For $10 off Postbox, use coupon code R7AJZ. Postbox is a mailbox manager for Windows and Mac.

If you’re on a Mac, and you use Google tools, or if you just want to make some easy money, you need Spanning Sync.

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WooThemes Hits 50, Offer 4 for 1

Super deal over at WooThemes. I’m making a big push for them through the end of October. I use the WooThemes Developer Package. It’s been a wonderful resource for most of my clients. With 50 themes now, they have plenty of options for my and my clients.


Right now, you can get FOUR of their themes for the price of ONE. Sweet!

They have spectacular designers on their roster, and they provide great and timely support. I highly recommend them.

Get in before October and two things happen.

  1. Use my affiliate link and I’ll get a kickback, 100% of which goes to charity for the rest of October. (and 50% after).
  2. WooThemes is donating a portion of October proceeds to charity, too.

It’s win-win-win. You get great themes, I give to charity, and WooThemes gives to charity. Awesome.

** All of my October affiliate revenue is going to charity (because I love boobs), so feel free to try out some of the other service and resource providers in my sidebar!

Spanning Sync Ready for Snow Leopard

Spanning Sync 3 is fully compatible with the to-be-released-Friday Mac OS X 10.6, a.k.a. Snow Leopard.

Picture 6.png

From SS Blog: “Spanning Sync 3 is fully compatible with Snow Leopard and takes full advantage of its support for 64-bit processing. (And for those of you with an eye for the technical details, the Spanning Sync pref pane is now garbage-collected.)”

Full details here.

Save $5, then make $5 (or more than $5) using coupon code D8BYCM