Judgement Matters

“In order for information to become knowledge, an internal transformation must take place that allows connections to be made, and information to become usable.”

“I think that real talent knows the rules, can rely on them for guidance, and then steps outside expectations to use expertise and judgment to come up with novel solutions.”

HE Thoughts

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“I teach the way I wish I had been taught”

Khan has no training or experience in teaching, and his videos are relatively crude by the standards of online course material produced by traditional educational publishers. They consist almost exclusively of Khan explaining things in conversational English while doing the equivalent of writing on a blackboard, which he does without benefit of a script or even a second take.

“I teach the way I wish I had been taught,” said Khan…

Steven Pearlstein: Mark them tardy to the revolution – The Washington Post

DonorsChoose Updates and Contest

As most of you know 50% of revenue generated from this site goes straight to charity. One of the charities I’ve chosen is DonorsChoose. They let donors choose small projects for schools across the country, and keep you up to date on the progress of those projects.

In the end, we get direct feedback from the teachers, which is awesome. Here are some pictures from one of the causes I donated to. I love the direct response and being able to see the results.

Anyway, I’m about to receive another check from Spanning Sync, and thought instead of me donating it, I’d open up a little contest and give the winners a DonorsChoose gift card to give to the project(s) of their choice.

Simply post a comment detailing what social responsibility means to you. 1st place will receive a $50 card, and two runner-ups will receive $25 each. It’d be even better if you would match my donation and double the donation amount when you choose your project(s)!

This is just another fun way to give back to a great cause and take care of the less fortunate.

Be good, people.