Utopia Sounds Great…

I came across this short film while looking at #vanlife tweets and following some links. I also found Cobra Rock Boot Company, which I plan to visit on a road trip next June.

“Tokyo Texas” Levis Concept Design Film. from Dana Shaw on Vimeo.

My favorite quotes from this short film:

Utopia sounds great, but I would fucking hate it.

I do not tether my boat.

Things that don’t change, die. That’s just a part of life.

while I tend to agree with the cowboy in this film, about utopia, I do think the intersection of technology and freedom is amazing. But I don’t seek utopia. I seek freedom, and all that comes with it.

I hope to be taking part in the van life very soon. Stay tuned!

This Week in Browsing

Adobe Captivate: What the heck is g_intAPIType? – Nice explanation from Philip

getURL works in all browsers, but uses a more complicated communication system when sending data to your Captivate file from the LMS. It also makes a lot of clicking sounds.

Lucky Day – one of the best shorts I’ve seen. Ever.

Nerf Infrared Auto-Cannon – Brilliant.

Baylor Rugby Alumni Festival – Work (and life) is keeping me away, but should be another awesome event.

Just take an iPhone 4 – my thoughts exactly. So nice, now that I have HD video capability and a better camera in my pocket. I still use my DSLR for sporting events and some other shots, but I love the iPhone because it’s an all-in-one, for almost everyone and everything.

MiFi of Your Dreams – not exactly, but it’s close. I could do without the steep $150 entry price. However, $40 a month for an unlimited “wherever I am” hotspot? Not too shabby.