A Year With WPEngine

I host a lot of websites at Duce Enterprises. Most of them are WordPress. About a year ago, I made a very wise business decision. I made the jump to managed WordPress hosting through WPEngine (WPE). It was a significant expense for me at the time. As I’ve learned this year, though, that expense was minimal in comparison to the overall value, and the time and cost savings I received.

Three simple reasons why I <3 WPEngine:

  1. Speed. Good grief they are fast. And that affects the user experience and search engine rankings. One client site jumped into the top five after I made the switch, something I hadn’t been able to achieve through other campaigns and techniques. I give credit to the speed improvement I got when jumping to WPE.
  2. Support. This is critical. I must have good customer service or I will walk. I don’t care how awesome your product is. These folks are great. Early on, they had some issues with response time, but they quickly resolved that, and even in those few cases they were very friendly and helpful. Now I know I can jump into their awesome live chat to get a quick answer, or submit a ticket and they’ll take care of everything for me. Need SSL added to a site? Simple. Ticket. Bam. Done.
  3. Peace of mind. This is the big one. I just don’t have to worry about anything. My sites, and my clients’ sites, are just up. And secure. And backed up. And fast.

I’ve never had this level of quality and service with any other host. So, if you’re running WordPress, go get you some WPEngine. It’s worth it.

Bonus: Coupon HappyNewHost14 gets you 30% off through the end of the year.

Social Experiment 2010: Ridiculously Cheap Hosting

It’s time for another social experiment. In 2008 I did something similar with Spanning Sync and was amazed at the results.

In an attempt to generate some new money for charity, I’m throwing out a ridiculously cheap hosting coupon code for Dreamhost.

Use coupon code REDONK (short for redonkulous) to get $87 off a year of hosting, or other discounts on different plans.

For the rest of 2010, all proceeds will go to charity (Charity:Water, American Diabetes Association, Kiva, or make a suggestion in the comments).

So if you need hosting, or know someone who does, send them here (use coupon code REDONK)!

Social Responsiblity – Care for Mankind

I have a category on my site that is “Be Good.” I frequently come across wonderful deeds being done in this crazy web 2.0 (I hate that term, but it’s sort of relevant here) world.

I posted earlier about the September project, and it’s success, and, unfortunately, it’s failure to meet the ultimate goal by the end of September. With as much money that there is flowing around in this world, with campaigns, blog revenues, and whatever else, it’s a shame we can’t all come together to meet the needs of these charities and their reasonable goals.

About a month ago, I posted about Spanning Sync, which has in turn yielded an incredible return for doing very little on my part. To date, I have made over $700 on Spanning Sync referrals. All for doing nothing but writing a silly post and review about it. This is from a software program that I don’t even use much outside of syncing contacts.

I also get referral money for hosting, WordPress themes, contact management and online accounting software that I love.

As Aaron did a few weeks ago (thanks for the thoughts on our Ike situation), I am pledging 50% of my referral profits back to charity. I volunteer, I donate time, money and items to good causes, but it’s never enough. We can do more. I support Kiva, DonorsChoose and many more.

Poverty is another huge issue we can fix, hence the Blog Action Day link at the top of this post. Think about your situation and then think about what you can do to help. It’s the right thing to do.

If you read this entire post, and you need anything technology related (themes, software, hardware), please let me know because I might have an affiliate account, and you’d not only be helping me out, but helping out a charity as well. I’ll even support the charity of your choosing if you’d like to post a comment and let me know.

The important thing in all of this is social responsibility. We all have a place in this world (and this World Wide Web), and we need to make sure we’re giving back.