Recommendation of the Week

A few months ago Jane Bozarth tweeted about a new bluetooth headset she was using and loving.

I had recently purchased a Plantronics single-ear bluetooth headset and promptly left it in Pittsburgh, so I was in the market, but was hoping to find something cheaper.

Lg HBS 700 earbudsout lg

The HBS-700 from LG is half the price of most headsets, and also the best one I’ve ever used. It’s simple, comfortable, and has great audio. My kids call it my nerd necklace, but I don’t care. I rarely even remember it’s hanging around my neck. I use it on road trips and in my office to listen to music and podcasts, and the touch controls are easy to remember and access.

In addition, the battery life is incredible. I have yet to use the thing and have it run out of juice, even over several days of regular use.

One final, really sweet feature is the magnetic earbuds. When you’re not using them, they quickly snap in place when you get them near their housing. Genius!

Anyhow, I love this thing. Go get one.

Why Apple is Dominating

Good marketing may get people in the door the first time, but good product design gets them in the door the second (and third, and fourth, and fifth) time.

Shawn Blanc

Apple isn’t dominating because of clever marketing. They’re dominating because they make awesome products that people can’t wait to use. And when they roll out a new version, existing customers will wait in long lines again to upgrade, without thinking about it, because they know it will be great. They can buy sight-unseen because they trust Apple to deliver what only Apple can deliver, the perfect harmony between hardware and software.

And they know they’ll be able to simply turn it on and start using it.