This Week in Browsing

Samuel L. Ipsum – Awesome. (via DF and Aaron Silvers)

Instagram 2.0 – Massive update. Instant filters. Instant tilt-shift. High-res photos.

iTunes Skip Feature – Exactly the solution I was looking for. I’m creating a smart list for these so I can remove them from my library entirely. (via DF)

“While some people might find it distasteful to pay taxes. I don\’t. I find it Patriotic.”

The Yoda Pie Chart – There is no try.

Hip-Checked — “For the past year HP has looked like a dog being tempted on opposite sides of the room by two treats. Constantly rushing back and forth so as to not lose either of the treats, but never actually getting either of the treats.”

Welcome to Macintosh

Charge money for your work. Don\’t be a jerk to people. Repeat. (via Ben Brooks)

Half Ratings in iTunes

Screen shot 2009-10-27 at 1.18.41 PM.png
  1. Copy this:

    defaults write allow-half-stars -bool TRUE

  2. Open Terminal (I love little hacks via Terminal)
  3. Paste (Command-V) into Terminal and hit Enter
  4. Close and Re-Open iTunes

(via TUAW)

If you use SizzlingKeys, it now displays half-ratings, and hopefully will add the half-rating function soon.

What Has iTunes Done to the Album?

I am wondering today what iTunes (and “shuffle”) has done to the concept of the album, as a whole.

Typically I import music, and put iTunes on random. I have several Smart Playlists that give me a random selection of unrated songs by genre. This allows me to rate songs for better iPod/iPhone distribution.

In my car, I have an MP3 CD player with an iPod adapter. When I’m not listening to the iPod (playlists or “Shuffle Songs” mode), I have one of a few mega MP3 CD collections in the system.

I don’t know when the last time was when I just sat down and listened to an album, all by itself, in the order it was recorded.

The World We Live In.jpg

Today I’ve done just that, listening to The Killers’ “Day & Age.” I don’t know why I didn’t have shuffle on, but I rather enjoyed it, and plan to do it often in the future.

I’ll pick a few albums per week and drop them into a playlist to listen straight through.

In these days of $.99 for a single song, or downloading an entire discography, we should give a little love to the album, by itself and in its entirety.