Setting Aside Critical Time for Processing

These days, we’re all scattered in at least a few different directions. It seems we have more distractions, more responsibilities and more, in general, to just do. The challenge is focus. We can’t operate at a high level if we can’t focus. This has been a major issue for me in recent years, and especially […]

And Acquaintances Turn To Friends

And acquaintances turn to friends I hope those friends they remember me Hold the night for ransom as we kidnap the memories Not sure there is a way to express what you meant to me Sit around a table and use those years as the centerpiece – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: “Cowboy Boots” This is […]

Judgement Matters

“In order for information to become knowledge, an internal transformation must take place that allows connections to be made, and information to become usable.” … “I think that real talent knows the rules, can rely on them for guidance, and then steps outside expectations to use expertise and judgment to come up with novel solutions.” […]