The Everything Bag

This post is about Saddleback Leather Company.

I’ve been drooling over Dave’s creations for a while now. I’ve sent their customer service folks a bunch of blabbering emails about size, quality, fit, etc. They have been more than gracious and are incredibly responsive and sincere. What I should have done was bought one. I’ve finally done that, and now I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of a dark coffee medium traditional briefcase. I picked one up off the “Dave’s Deals” page, at a significant discount.

Saddleback Leather Traditional Briefcase
Saddleback Leather Traditional Briefcase

I’m trying to minimize my setups and what I carry, but I went off-course a little with this purchase. I could have bought the slim or even a satchel, but I went with the traditional briefcase. The reason: my SLR. I want to shoot more photography. I love it. Why don’t I shoot more now? Because I never have my SLR with me. Why? Because I don’t carry my camera bag everywhere. I carry a backpack. I want a bag that is my everything, everywhere, every time bag and I’m hoping this is it. It should hold, comfortably, while not being ridiculously bulky or heavy (the bag alone weighs in at a moderate 6.5 lbs), my laptop, my iPad, cables, cords, notebooks, my SLR and a lens or two.

The quality will no doubt be amazing. I will be shooting some video (using a tripod and my new glif) when I receive it, and will post a thorough review.

My old method was to buy cheap and replace often, mostly because I’m indecisive and easily influenced. My new method: find quality, buy quality and use the hell out of it.

This bag will last me a lifetime (“they’ll fight over it when you’re dead”), and I hope to give it to my son when I’m finished with it.

Also, a side note, I love writing as well. I hope to post more on this blog, and possibly even start a book I’ve been pondering for a long time. This is the first attempt at writing more – I had a though, and rather than waiting until later to post about it, I just wrote. It felt wonderful.

Saddleback Gives Back

Another reason I’ve added Saddleback Leather as one of my favorite companies.

  1. They are made in America. Right here in Texas.
  2. They give back to they community and the world, as shown in this video. Awesome.

Check out their YouTube channel for more. Then, go buy something awesome, that will last forever.

I’m waiting on the funds, but one of their products may be the only thing that I buy this year that’s not an iPad 2 or Macbook Air.