Get Creative with Tin Can

“When creative people, though, start thinking about the experiences they actually care to capture, they’ll be able to do more than they could for the last 10 years, and that’s important.” Tim Martin – Project Tin Can This is what I’m excited about. It’s not about the same, useless information we’ve been tracking, it’s about […]

The Last Few Weeks in Browsing

Heather Penney – 9/11 Hero – Amazing story (via Daring Fireball) The 10-Minute Instructional Design Degree “Also – instructional design and visual design are different things. Visual design is just as important (and it isn\’t about making things “pretty”), and it needs to be done before the development phase begins.” – Jane Bozarth Overcoming Objections […]

My DevLearn 2010 Experience (#DL10)

DevLearn 2010 was awesome. If you followed the backchatter, you already know this. If you didn’t, here’s my review of the conference, a little about who I met, what I learned, and what I’m going to do. I already posted my opening keynote recap. John Seely Brown set the tone for the conference. I actually […]

This Week in Browsing

Adobe Captivate: What the heck is g_intAPIType? – Nice explanation from Philip getURL works in all browsers, but uses a more complicated communication system when sending data to your Captivate file from the LMS. It also makes a lot of clicking sounds. Lucky Day – one of the best shorts I’ve seen. Ever. Nerf Infrared […]