Instapaper 3.0 Released

Both the app and the website now have full-featured, native sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinboard, and Evernote… …much faster updates and downloads, far less space usage on your iPhone and iPad, and much less bandwidth usage over your 3G connections. – Marco Arment You are using Instapaper, right? (via Minimal Mac)

This (and last) Week in Browsing

The Org Chart is not the Org A Phone to Save Us From Our Phones – WTF? If I wanted that, I’d just go back to an old Razr. In typical Microsoft fashion, they’re advertising message is weird and off the mark, unless their goal was to keep people from buying their phones. Oh, and […]

This Week in Browsing

LaCie iamaKey – great idea, if the thing doesn’t get too beat up (via ODL) Ultimate Computer Workstation – Instant wish list item (via FG) From the T&D Peanut Gallery – valid points. Building the Next Generation Company Madden NFL 10 Development Blog – Can’t wait for this game Cisco Buys Pure Digital (Flip Cameras) […]