Enough With Being Selfish

Ethan Edwards of Allen Interactions recently wrote “Improving Your e-Learning Design: What\’s Good Advice?“. I agree with much of what Ethan writes, especially regarding the recent onslaught of gimmicky articles pushing Clicky Clicky Bling Bling to improve elearning. Here are my thoughts on some key quotes from his article: “We have switched the focus to […]

TWiB: Been A While

Been a while since I’ve posted one of these. But, some great reads out there recently. Creating Losing Designs – great ideas on using low stakes losing to motivate learners. “The Smart Worker Needs Job Aids Rather than Courses” – this is a great series. Read ’em all. Learning is Social. Training is Irrelevent? – […]

“I teach the way I wish I had been taught”

Khan has no training or experience in teaching, and his videos are relatively crude by the standards of online course material produced by traditional educational publishers. They consist almost exclusively of Khan explaining things in conversational English while doing the equivalent of writing on a blackboard, which he does without benefit of a script or […]