Grinnin’ In Your Face

I love the interwebs.

I was on (warning: you could lose hours on this site) and clicked through to the trailer for “Double”, which looks a little creepy but very good. Anyhow, the music in the trailer was perfect for it, and a great blues song, so I searched for “the song in the Double trailer” and came up with Son House, a name I’d never heard. First hit was for the Youtube video, which in turn had a link to the album on Amazon (a steal at $5.99). He’s in Spotify, too. Check him out.

So, in a few short minutes I’ve got a new movie added to the watchlist and a new album to listen to this morning while I work.

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This Week in Browsing

Samuel L. Ipsum – Awesome. (via DF and Aaron Silvers)

Instagram 2.0 – Massive update. Instant filters. Instant tilt-shift. High-res photos.

iTunes Skip Feature – Exactly the solution I was looking for. I’m creating a smart list for these so I can remove them from my library entirely. (via DF)

“While some people might find it distasteful to pay taxes. I don\’t. I find it Patriotic.”

The Yoda Pie Chart – There is no try.

Hip-Checked — “For the past year HP has looked like a dog being tempted on opposite sides of the room by two treats. Constantly rushing back and forth so as to not lose either of the treats, but never actually getting either of the treats.”

Welcome to Macintosh

Charge money for your work. Don\’t be a jerk to people. Repeat. (via Ben Brooks)

Last Week in Browsing – Third Delayed Edition

Apps vs the Web (via Daring Fireball)

Bluelounge Mini Dock adapter – clever. (via Minimal Mac)

The Birdy – great way to track spending. Simply respond to one email each day. I use Evernote to do the same thing – but I do it live – as soon as I spend it, I email my Evernote account like this: 2011 Taxes – Expense – Software – App Store – $9.99 – but that doesn’t give me pretty charts.

The Birdy would go great with SassyCents, a new “how to be smart with your money” blog from Tammy Thorn.

Viva La Vida, Lego Edition

1.8 Zettabytes – wow.

Meetings are death, death to meetings – YES!