About Me

Me with one of my many headsets.

I am Brian Dusablon. Most people call me Duce (and, in games, forums, and car auction sites, Motherduce). I’m a father, coach, geek, athlete, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and experience designer.

I care about inclusion, accessibility, and usability for the web and in learning.

I love reading, music, rugby, travel, motorcycles and craft beer.


  • I am a full-time graduate student at the University of Houston’s Graduate School for Social Work (GCSW).
  • I run a consulting company called Duce Enterprises, where I help small businesses select and use ethical technology solutions. I build and host WordPress websites for 100s of individuals, sports teams and leagues, small businesses, breweries, and non-profits. I coach and support small businesses, solopreneurs, and freelancers with business technology and process improvement.
  • I manage Drifter Life, a website and newsletter (and soon to be store) where I write about nomads, wandering, sabbaticals, work-life balance (or life-work balance, as I prefer), travel gear, music, philosophy, peace, and more.


  • I was a Senior Account Strategist at 10up, a web agency focused primarily on WordPress websites for large organizations, newsrooms, and higher education.
  • I founded Learning Ninjas, who help people and organizations create accessible, measurable online learning experiences.
  • For fun and beer, I used to run a podcast network called Emergent Radio, where I co-hosted The ToolBar. (Note: this network might be making a comeback if time and energy allow for it, and to host the forthcoming Drifter Life Podcast.)

I used to speak a lot at conferences, mostly about web accessibility and elearning.

If you’re interested in hiring me (part-time, freelance consulting), here’s my resume.

You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn. I am no longer on Facebook.

I believe we all have a social responsibility to help others.

I love to chat about life and business and exploring. Drop me a line.