Choosing Asana Over Basecamp

I have a long history of testing every known tech service or product on the market. I also have a history of never committing to one and the constant state of flux was manageable when I was just doing a few freelance projects on the side. Since taking my business full time, though, I’ve struggled […]

This Week in Browsing

Change Your Twitter Password – go, do it now. Faking It – Very interesting read – and a very real situation. SCORM Cloud gets easier to play with (via) Interaction Colour Associations – Good stuff in the comments also. Why You Can Never Work ‘Full Time’ The Importance of Teaching Your Clients and Being the […]

Farewell Freshbooks. It’s Not You, It’s Me.

After much deliberation, I decided to use Freshbooks exclusively in 2009 for my small business. I loved it. It was simple, it was easy to use. It was fast. Paired with Fluid on my Mac, it was almost perfect. They are decent at adding new functionality, but mostly they just got it right with the […]