World Backup Day 2013


World Backup Day is Sunday, March 31, 2013

Local backups are great, but where do you store your local backup drive? Probably next to your computer. Probably on the same power strip. What happens if there’s a fire, or a major storm and it fries BOTH? What will you do then?

You don’t need to backup everything to the cloud, but important documents, photos, home videos, etc. should be up for consideration.

Here’s my setup:

  1. Local backup (plenty of options here)
  2. Dropbox for daily access and key files
  3. Crashplan (I also recommend DollyDrive and BackBlaze)
  4. Amazon S3 for business, websites, audio
  5. Smugmug for photos and videos

I feel pretty confident I’ll be covered in an emergency. Total dollars spent per year? About $75.

Need help figuring out what you need, or where to put what? I can help.