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Marijuana Wars in Pictures (via Nick)

Cubs Go With Quade as Manager

What’s next for Sandberg? No one knows. But we do know he has no future with the Cubs. And that’s a shame.

I’m bummed. I wanted Sandberg or Girardi. I’m glad it’s not Torre, but I hope Sandberg gets another shot with the Cubbies, or that Quade is a pleasant surprise.

The Future of Learning: Smarter, Simple, Social

The current learning and development trainer becomes pivotal in facilitating the establishment of network contacts, and empowering individuals to identify and customise their personal knowledge business processes to best support their knowledge and learning needs in the current complex workplace environments.

Empowering individuals… Do it.

Remove Flash from Safari Without Click2Flash – Very nice. Done.

YouTube HTML5 Safari Extension – Awesome

Distraction Crutches

I didn\’t need to have any software blocking any website, I didn\’t have to disconnect from the Internet, and so on. I finished my work on time, and I ended up feeling less tired than I thought. But most of all, I felt focussed and in control.

Good points. I like WriteRoom for its simplicity, but I don’t need it to write. I’ve had issues getting work done with Tweetie, Skype, Reader, etc. open. Growl is awesome, but can be a huge distraction. I shut down the app, switch to a new space, and get to work.

Ruining Usability Tests

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