Last Week in Browsing – Third Delayed Edition

Apps vs the Web (via Daring Fireball)

Bluelounge Mini Dock adapter – clever. (via Minimal Mac)

The Birdy – great way to track spending. Simply respond to one email each day. I use Evernote to do the same thing – but I do it live – as soon as I spend it, I email my Evernote account like this: 2011 Taxes – Expense – Software – App Store – $9.99 – but that doesn’t give me pretty charts.

The Birdy would go great with SassyCents, a new “how to be smart with your money” blog from Tammy Thorn.

Viva La Vida, Lego Edition

1.8 Zettabytes – wow.

Meetings are death, death to meetings – YES!

Daring Fireball: Philip Elmer-Dewitt on Apple’s Advertising Budget

And this is why Apple shares are high and steady. They’re just crazy-smart with their money. They spend a lot, but they aren’t wasteful. I’d be they spend a lot more time negotiating advertising contracts as well, to maximize their dollar, just like they do with their hardware and software.

Daring Fireball: Philip Elmer-Dewitt on Apple’s Advertising Budget.