Spanning Sync Ready for Snow Leopard

Spanning Sync 3 is fully compatible with the to-be-released-Friday Mac OS X 10.6, a.k.a. Snow Leopard. From SS Blog: “Spanning Sync 3 is fully compatible with Snow Leopard and takes full advantage of its support for 64-bit processing. (And for those of you with an eye for the technical details, the Spanning Sync pref pane […]

Spanning Sync 3 – Even Better Sync Between Your Mac & Google

The awesome Mac to Google sync tool, Spanning Sync, has a new version in the wild. For only $20, using the discount code below, (or $60 if you get the lifetime license), it’s worth every penny. (plus you can make referral money too). I’ve been using this tool for over a year now, and it’s […]

Spanning Sync Releases 2.1 Update

Spanning Sync 2.1 is Now Available Spanning Sync now sends changes to Google in small batches. Batching has the following benefits: Greatly reduced memory usage on large syncs Eliminates various timeout errors on large syncs Information will show up on Google faster Total time to finish the sync is about 25% faster Fixed a rare […]

Spanning Sync Made Me $1000

Three things: Charity gets half, as promised. Thanks Aaron. Drobo on order. Charlie from Spanning Sync: “Last night at 6:33pm CST you made your 200th Save 5+Make 5 referral. Congratulations on being our first $1,000 affiliate! I’ll be writing a blog post about it.” Be good, people.