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So I’ve decided on A Small Orange for my hosting. I almost pulled the trigger on Eleven2 about a month ago, but luckily came across this post. Seeing Rodney‘s (the CEO of Eleven2) response (below) sealed the deal for my avoidance of his company. Well, that and their LIVE video feed, which shows an empty room half the time.

“thanks nate for all the great publicity we have gotten man signups from this post!!!! i guess the line “any publicity is good publicity” pays off! send more our way!”

Now that’s a CEO that makes me want to use his company!

About 45 minutes ago, I almost pulled the trigger on Media Temple, before reading a few more blurbs about the Grid Server issues. I think I’d probably go with MT if I needed a dedicated server at this point, because they get rave reviews from high-powered, heavily visited sites of folks I respect.

However, for me, and for Duce Enteprises, I wanted something simple with an option to add reselling. ASO has that – I can start small, add more space as needed, and add reseller features for a simple monthly fee.

Does ASO have it’s problems? Sure it does, as do all hosts. For me, though, it’s about simplicity and a core set of features until I need something more. At that point, I’ll reconsider MT, probably, as a dedicated provider.

Thanks to the few folks who responded to my earlier post about hosting. It helped stir the pot and get me thinking further about it.

If you’re in need of hosting, I can highly recommend Bluehost and A Small Orange. If you want to use ASO, use the coupon code Duce08 for 15% off your order.

The links to ASO and Bluehost are referral links, so I do get a referral bonus, but I wouldn’t recommend them just to make money – they are great companies.

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