Rugby Update


We lost a tough match to the Dallas Harlequins last weekend. We had plenty of chances to win, but many missed tackles and some poor ball control left us short.

Some excerpts from the match report:

The Bad…

As the halftime whistle beckoned a miscue at a Woodlands lineout turned out to be disastrous as the overthrown ball was gathered by the Quins flanker who brushed off two tackles and scored underneath the posts. Thus, despite dominating the first half, the Woodlands only held a six point lead.

This was tough – one of those brushed-off tackles was me :(. This play changed the game, and probably cost us the win.

The Good…

With eight minutes remaining Woodlands infringement allowed the Quins to kick a penalty, which required the Woodlands to score twice to rescue the game. The Woodlands continued to attack and superb drop goal by Dusablon put the Woodlands within a convert try but time ran out and the Quins were able to record a win.

This drop goal put us within 6 and gave us a chance to win and also gave us a bonus point in the standings. I’m trying to get video and/or photos of it. It was reminiscent of one I had in the National Championship game a few years seven years ago.

All in all, a disappointing game, because we had every chance to win. However, we showed well against a Super League team, and we got a bonus point, which we’ll need for seeding for the playoffs.

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