Online Sound Studio – hobnox Audiotool


This has to be one of the coolest web applications (RIA) I’ve ever seen! Not to use too many adjectives here, but what an freakin’ spectacular and functional tool this might be. I can’t wait to get started with it for some design projects and some elearning projects.

Check it out »

Thanks to Aaron from Flash For Learning for pointing this out…

4 thoughts on “Online Sound Studio – hobnox Audiotool

  1. @ Aaron – most excellent, my friend. (Thanks for the heads up on this, by the way).

    I can’t wait to share the weird background music for my next flash intro splash screen (ha, just kidding).

  2. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for picking up the tool. We’re all really excited about the progress of the demo and are already working on expanding features and saving functionality. Keep checking back for updates and in the meantime check out Joa (one of our devs) with the Audiotool in action, combining the capabilities with a MIDI keyboard:



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