A good run down of the iPhone 3G


Glenn Fleishman at Tidbits has a pretty good analysis of the new iPhone after getting to touch one the other day. Here are some notable bits from his article:

The iPhone 3G definitely feels faster overall: It’s unclear whether this is due to iPhone 2.0 software optimizing the phone, or a faster processor.

I’m hoping it’s a combination to increase speed and increase battery life.

Even if another maker could design the iPhone’s industrial look and feel, they would still send you an ugly black brick to go with it.

This is so true – this little adapter is so much nicer than any other charger plug in existence. Again, it’s the little things that Apple thinks about.

Jozwiak said that the GPS function is only active when you’re using it; this is part of the whole philosophy of no unnecessary background activities to preserve battery life and functionality.

Thank goodness. I love the fact that it’s smart enough to shut off unless you need it for an application or for true GPS.

What’s left out of this $10-per-month increase for personal users? SMS – that is, text messaging.

This is a big bummer for me. I’ve just recently started texting a lot more since I got my Blackberry Curve, thanks to the full QWERTY keyboard. I added a $5/mo. plan from TMobile. Looks like I’ll have to do the same, or more with AT&T.

All in all a nice little article. Read the rest here.

2 thoughts on “A good run down of the iPhone 3G

  1. Aral-

    It is included (200 I think), on the current iPhone plan, but it will not be on the 3G plan.

    Oh well, I’m still in for one, lol.

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