Plaxo Shares Email Addresses with World – Buh Bye


So I’m leaving Plaxo, thanks to Aral and others for notifying me about this screwup. I was probably going to leave anyways, because Plaxo is being acquired by Comcast – and I’ve had plenty of issues with Comcast (just have not posted them yet, ha).

I went to Plaxo help, and of the Top 25 articles, how to delete my account was #1!

Delete Your Plaxo Account

So, unless you really, really love Plaxo and don’t mind them sharing your email address with the entire world, then I would go delete your account.

Update: Plaxo has a history of screwups.

Update 2: Officially deleted.

2 thoughts on “Plaxo Shares Email Addresses with World – Buh Bye

  1. Brent – I’m not sure – I am still trying to find a good all-around solution. I’d like to sync my Gmail contacts, blackberry (and soon-to-be iPhone), Address Book on my Mac, and even Outlook on my PC if possible.

    Aaron sent a link about LDAP the other day, might be part of a solution. Can’t remember the exact link he sent, but this is related.

    MobileMe might work as well – if it’s more flexible than I think it will be.

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