Microsoft Launching Counterattack on Apple Ads?


This just seems too silly to be accurate. AppleInsider is reporting that good ol’ Microsoft is planning a huge advertising campaign aimed at the Apple ads that smear Vista. The funny thing about this is, it seems like such a desperate move, and by the time they’d see any benefit from it, which I doubt they will, they’ll be ready to release Windows 7.

What cracks me up is the way it was spoken about by their VP of Vista Marketing:

“You thought the sleeping giant was still sleeping, well we woke it up and it’s time to take our message forward,” Brooks warns Apple.


Just another strategic mistake on the part of Microsoft, which seems to have so much money and still has such a stranglehold on the industry that I guess it doesn’t matter.

I can’t wait to see these ads – should be hilarious to review them and I’m sure it will spawn tons of comparisons with the simple Mac ads.

1 thought on “Microsoft Launching Counterattack on Apple Ads?

  1. I agree with your take on M$. I also read where the VP said they were going to get the “real” story out. I thought, “Oh…not the first hand accounts told by your users.”. I guess the real story will come from the marketing department. LOL…yea right.

    It’s always about the chrome with these guys and never about the crap lurking inside. It may take a while but they’re doomed. People are wising up.

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