New Site Launched: Village Learning


Well, I finally got the Village Learning & Achievement Center site launched. It’s been a long process. They are so busy doing such wonderful work over there, and I’ve been volunteering time when I can to develop the site and help them get set up with Smugmug, Google Apps, and some other tools.


It’s always a pleasure to volunteer my time and knowledge to a non-profit like them. I do a lot of photography and general technology help for them as well, and it’s always very rewarding.

I used WordPress for the backend, hacked a little to meet their needs, and also makes it very easy for them to update and add content. A special shout out goes to Graham Lambertson, who helped me modify Arcsin’s Beautiful Day theme.

Check out the site, see what they’re all about, and if you feel generous, consider donating to their wonderful cause.

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