Please Go Away Plaxo!


So, a few months ago I posted and updated you about Plaxo revealing some user email addresses and I instantly deleted my account…

…or so I thought:



5 thoughts on “Please Go Away Plaxo!

  1. Did you opt out or just deleted your account? If you just deleted your account, others can still invite you to join (again). But if you opt out, you won’t get further emails from Plaxo.

    ps: When you say “revealing email addresses”, the only issue which comes to mind was the passing of email addresses (of people you’re already connected to) embedded in links to your server logs (to which only you had access) when those same folks visited your site. That was patched immediately.

  2. Hmmm, actually – looking at this image a bit more, it’s a connection request – not an Invite. I wonder if you have another account?? Can you contact me directly so we can find out what’s up and delete it (if that’s the case). Thanks.

  3. Redgee – I appreciate you’re quick response to this – I’ll contact you directly and hopefully get this resolved.

    In reference to your first response – regardless of whether it was patched quickly or not, or whether someone was already connected to me, revealing email addresses is just too big a mistake to make me feel good about my contacts and data being housed securely with Plaxo, at least for now…

  4. Thanks. And certainly we were transparent to that mistake. We goofed – albeit that it was a minor leak. It was still a leak nonetheless.

    But the point I’d like to make to your readers is that your address book information, password, etc – were never in danger.

    The leak was due to a bad URL to blogs found in the weekly reminder emails sent to members. If the member clicked on that link, their email address was appended at the end of the url (in itself is not a problem). But the server hosting that blog would now have your email address in their server logs. (sigh). Again, no excuses.

    Thanks again Brian.


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