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If you’re on a Mac, and you’re a web designer, developer, coder, etc…you need to check out Coda from Panic.

They just released the newest update (free for v1 owners), and they’ve added Subversion version control…this app has almost everything now, it’s insanely wonderful.

  • Source Control using Subversion
  • Local multi-file search and replace
  • Add a new book that can point to your favorite reference material on the internet or locally
  • Improved syntax coloring, including accurate coloring and completion when one language is nested in another (such as JavaScript and CSS within HTML)
  • Scriptable editor and document management
  • Tab Status Icons tell you if a file is local or remote at a glance
  • Sites are now sortable
  • New “Reverse Publish” action performs a folder-hierarchy-aware download of remote items

This app is incredible. I love it, and it has saved me countless hours of productivity by having everything in one place.

Gruber reviewed it last year, and his review still holds true.

Coda 1.5 Released

I’ll try to add a more detailed review, but it’d be easier for you to just go download the demo and see how wonderful it is for yourself.

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