Spanning Sync Review and Discount Code


So there’s this app, called Spanning Sync, for Mac. If you use Address Book and iCal on your Mac, and you use Google Calendar and Google Contacts (part of Gmail), this just might be the ultimate app for you.

You can read more below, but if you just want your $5 savings, use this code: D8BYCM when you buy Spanning Sync ($20 for a year with this coupon, or $60 forever).

On top of that, when you buy a license, you are automatically part of their Save 5+Make 5 deal, allowing you to make money off of referrals. How cool is that? I’ll make $5 if you use my code. It could end up being pretty lucrative, as Aaron has shown. Heck, if you use my code, all you have to do is refer 4 friends and Spanning Sync is entirely FREE for you.

Spanning Sync synchronizes your Google Calendar with iCal. It also (in the upcoming version – releasing very soon) syncs your Google Contacts with your Address Book.

This app basically fills the void that Google hasn’t yet. I love Gmail, and I love Google Calendar, but I was often frustrated by the fact that my contacts were not in sync. Now they are.

I’m also doing some tests on using iCal versus strictly Google Calendar, and this app has been great while I perform my tests, allowing me to use Google Calendar at work and iCal at home.

The only thing it doesn’t do is sync tasks from iCal to Google Calendar, but that’s Google’s fault, because they don’t have a task feature in their calendar, for some ridiculous reason.

More on calendars, tasks, and productivity in the VERY near future.

12 thoughts on “Spanning Sync Review and Discount Code

  1. Spanning Sync really is a great piece of software, and with the referral program it’s great to help someone save some money and get paid for it in return. The Spanning Sync 2.0 Beta is now publicly available, and I’ve been using it for a while now with now problems (and the contact synchronization is great).

  2. Thanks Brian,

    The coupon worked a treat!

    Now if anyone reads this, please spread the love to me too!

    My code is 44FVAT !!!

    Many thank,

  3. That was great – thanks for helping me save the moolah… I used Brian’s code above… If anyone else wants to use mine, that would be awesome!

    BTW, this program is a lifesaver, and totally necessary if you plan to use your itouch as a calendar.

    My code is 7SYJF9

  4. Hi,
    I’ve just used Kira’s code and got mine $5 discount! Thank you!
    If anyone could help me, please enter my code:

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Dear Marcos and everyone,
      I have just bought this brilliant little progam and am absolutely thrilled with it. So simple to use and hassle free. I used your coupon Marcos, thanks! Anyone who would like to use my voucher for the discount, please use P7D6RK. Thanks and Happy New Year to everyone,

  5. For my Iphone, I use Nuevasync (it's free and sync calendar / contacts) and work better for my calendar sync needs. ( not impress with the google sync )
    Nuevasync is coming shortly with Email sync as well & Task !
    I use Spanningsync for my contacts and calendars ( I have 5 shared calendars)
    It works great.
    Only thing is you have to pay 😛 ( they have a 15 days trial)
    Use my code if you want 5$ off : ETHN7C
    I have 3 Macs and 1 Iphone and they all syncs together.

  6. I love Spanning Sync!

    It is a perfect two-way-sync tool. I downloaded the trial version and after using it for that period was so pleased with the program that purchased the yearly subscription. Not a single problem!

    Works perfectly with google, and mac. Furthermore, if syncronising with a cell phone live becomes much more organized. I recommend it!

    Best wishes,


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