Microsoft’s Lame Ad Campaign = FAIL


Microsoft announcement: No more Seinfeld ads!

I know I’m just catching up (thanks Ike), but this is hilarious to me. Not only does Microsoft eat a HUGE chunk of change trying to compete with the relatively inexpensive Apple ads by bringing in Seinfeld and failing miserably, but then they launch phase two, an even more lame attempt at rebuttal to the I’m a Mac ads…

The sad thing is, they didn’t have to spend any money. Macs aren’t taking over the world. Windows still owns a huge market share and even if Apple continued to increase its market share, it would take a long time for it to make as big an impact as the millions of dollars MS wasted on these ad campaigns.

Not to mention the new ads were supposedly made on a Mac.


(Via DF and DF again)

1 thought on “Microsoft’s Lame Ad Campaign = FAIL

  1. Completely agree – but what’s even worse is Microsoft isn’t promoting their own product. The campagin is “I’m a PC” – which could essentially be any other operating system other than Mac. By playing off of the Mac add, they’re actually legitimizing the Mac ads even more.

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