Rock Band 2


Looks like I’ll be upgrading…my wife and kids definitely need the No Fail option 🙂

From Ars Technica:
Rock Band 2 is filled with little touches that make it vastly
superior to the original, and no matter what your skill level or
history with Rock Band, this game has a way for you to play
and enjoy yourself. (The game even offers a “No Fail” option for
players who want a much more casual experience.)

  • All your old songs work
  • You have many strong choices in instruments
  • Drum trainer will actually teach you how to play
  • Band World Tour is drastically improved
  • Challenges and battles mean the game never has to end
  • Sorting through songs is quick and easy
  • New tracks are diverse and fun to play

And here’s the set list, plus all the songs from the original, plus the ones I’ve already downloaded.

3 thoughts on “Rock Band 2

  1. we just got Rock Band (the first version) a few weeks ago (yes, yes, very late to the party). as a guitarist, i don’t like the guitar part at all. but as a bad drummer, i LOVE playing the drums on that thing! it’s so fun, and a good workout, too. i even have two new callouses on my fingers thanks to those cheapie drumsticks. 😀

  2. Philip – late to the party, but it’s such an awesome game it’s worth it. Why in the world, though, did you just buy the first version, when v2 was right around the corner, with better drums and supposedly, a better guitar?

    V2 also has a new Drum Trainer – which I can’t wait for, because I absolutely suck at the drums.

    As for the guitar, well, I suck at that IRL too, so I really enjoy the gaming version 🙂

    Enjoy the obsession. Which platform are you on?

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