Spanning Sync 2.0 Released – Review and Coupon


So a couple weeks ago, I was dealing with Ike. While I was powerless and, thus, Mac-less (which made me want an iPhone even more), Spanning Sync not only released version 2.0 (now with full Google Contacts sync), but also a quick 2.0.1 update.

The new stuff I thought was substantial:

  • Contact syncing! Spanning Sync now syncs Address Book with Google contacts.
  • Contact photo syncing! (Awesome)
  • Changes in iCal and Address Book are automatically pushed to Google as they’re made.
  • Improved, easier-to-use preference pane UI.
  • Dramatically improved network performance.
  • Improved support for syncing huge (10,000+ events) calendars
  • Improved support for syncing large numbers of contacts
  • Improved support for multi-Mac configurations.
  • Improved compatibility with MobileMe.

Speaking of Google Contacts, did you know there was a dedicated site for your contacts now? Pretty cool, though it’s still very rough around the edges. I’m surprised Google hasn’t done more with contacts yet. It’s a huge market for them, and no one has conquered it yet.

Anyhow. For now, I’m mainly using Spanning Sync to sync my contacts. I rarely use iCal, but I’m thinking my kids might use it more, thus making this software/service much more useful. But even if I was only using it for contact syncing, it’s worth my $20.

I wouldn’t be bragging about this software if it weren’t such a steal. If you use my coupon code, D8BYCM you’ll save $5, and, in turn, get your own coupon code allowing you to make $5 for every referral. I covered my $20 about two days after I posted my referral code. (Thank you Aaron.)

Try it out for yourself – and let me know how much money YOU make!

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