Goodbye Web 2.0 – TechCrunch on the Demise of Web 2.0

Photo courtesy of TechCrunch

I don’t always agree with Arrington, but this is pretty good.

This time, Wall Street and our government screwed everything up all on their own while we minded our own business and acquired our own instead of going public at crazy valuations.

The picture is great. The article is good.

My take on 2.0: I’m tired of the “Web X.X” nomenclature. Get over it, it’s just technology. The web is not a dot release. It’s a living, evolving, ridiculously huge and powerful entity.

We\’ll look back in later years and think of this most recent boom as the Web 2.0 period, when we were wowed by the magic of user generated content, copyright violations on a massive scale, and neat little widgety things that used Javascript and Flash to turn web pages into pretty close equivalents to the old desktop apps. Of course there were other evolutions as well. Advertising technology has advanced steadily, particularly in tailoring ads to an individuals needs, and tracking them properly. This is the period that social networking as we think of it today was born, and we\’ll never be rid of it in our lifetimes.

Also silly is the video in this post – be sure to head to the site to watch it (it’s at the bottom of Arrington’s post). Hilarious frivolity.

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