Flip Mino vs. Canon 1100IS Video Comparison


Posted this over at Dan Benjamin’s site:

I picked up a Flip Mino along with my new Canon SD1100 IS P&S.

I did side-by-side comparisons, and while some of the Flip’s video was a little clearer, the audio and video quality of the Canon, even in low light, was on par and sometimes even better.

Thus, I chose to stick with one pocket cam, instead of two, because the Canon, for just $50 more, also had the ability to take kick-ass still shots.

As Dan said, if you have a DSLR that you take everywhere, maybe the Flip is for you. But if you’re like me, and have a DSLR for planned events, but want a do-everything camera for your pocket to have with you ALL the time, don’t limit yourself with a pocket video camera.

Now, when true, quality HD video recording comes to the pocket cams, I’m all over it 🙂

**UPDATE** The 1100IS is now basically the same price as the Flip Mino. Get it at Amazon and I’ll make half a dollar or something.

And a quick video review:

Flip vs. Canon Video Comparison from Brian Dusablon on Vimeo.

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