To Drobo, or Not to Drobo


I did this with the iPhone, and it worked pretty well. So here goes:

I am looking to consolidate my data and clean up my backup and organization setup.

Right now, I’ve got data on 4 external drives, one is Time Machine,
but I have redundant data on all of them, including music and photos.

I want everything in one place, with some confidence in stability.
Hence my desire for a Drobo. While expensive, having a simple RAID
setup like this is very intriguing for my music, photos, and to backup
my business data (websites, graphics, etc).

So, if you have one, or know someone who has one, give me a satisfaction rating (1-5 stars)…

I figure I can fund the Drobo by selling the external drives, and then invest in 2-3 1TB SATA drives.

Talk me into it, or out of it.

Crowdsourcing at it’s finest.

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