Adobe Learning Summit Notes: Sneak Peeks


Let’s hope this is not just stuff I already know about.

Adobe eLearning Suite Announced

Captivate 4:

  • Mobile learning templates. Pick a phone in Device Central, send to Captivate, will designate screen size for real estate based on the device selected.
  • Manual and automatic panning in Captivate 4 (finally).
  • Send preview to Device Central to see what it looks like on mobile device.
  • Batch testing on multiple phones
  • Mac version is coming, but not with v4.
  • Inline text editing in captions (rather than having to double-click to open editor)
  • Drawing tools integrated: drawing toolbar for circles, lines, etc.
  • Now can use Photoshop files with layers and accessible in timeline.
  • Variables. Use text entry to capture info to use throughout. Good for personalization, but nothing spectacular.
  • Flash widgets, and Captivate Exchange (like the old DW Extensions)
  • Slide-level executions (play bar, logo, etc.)
  • Ships with widgets and FLA source file to customize or make your own.
  • Table of contents…ability to link several movies using Aggregator.
  • Support Flash PLayer 7-10 and Flash Lite
  • Previously mentioned review via AIR.
  • Dynamically link with original PowerPoint presentation when converting.

So, not so much a sneak peek of Adobe products, but just a sneak peek of Captivate 4. Be a little more honest with your session titles/descriptions, Adobe.

Additional notes:

  • eLearning Suite includes different versions of CS products? Dreamweaver for eLearning? Interesting.
  • Quizzing module added to Flash
  • No date (no surprise) – 2009

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