Happy New Year!


Wow, just realized I hadn’t posted in 2009 yet. So Happy New Year everyone. I’ve been very busy prepping our house for sale, packing to move to the new house (January 17th), building some websites, soft-launching the Duce Enterprises site, playing with new WordPress themes (including a new one for this site), spending time with family, and enjoying some much-needed time off.

I’ll be back on here soon with some links and news about more websites and new projects, as well as movie and product reviews, my goals for ’09 and more.

Excuse the glitches in this new design – I’m playing, and I like to do it live :).

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Thanks Aaron. I like it but I need to play with it some more to customize it. It's one of Woo Themes' free ones. They do some nice work. The DE site is a Woo Theme as well.

    Between Woo and Revolution, there's a ton of really high quality premium themes to get started with and customize.


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