iLife ’09 = Awesome, Plus Save $5!


Okay. Here are just a couple more reasons I love Apple. $79 gets you these great new apps. I mean, how can you beat this? Sure, Picasa rivals iPhoto, but there is no rival to iMovie (especially now that they fixed most of the problems they had with ’08).

GarageBand now even teaches you how to play instruments. Awesome. Thank you Steve.

iMovie Guided Tour. I can’t wait for:

  • Themes
  • Clip Speed Editing
  • Better library management

iPhoto Guided Tour. I can’t wait for:

  • Face recognition and tagging
  • Easy export to Facebook/Flickr
  • Geo-Tagging

Thinking about ordering it? Order it through the link below, save $5 and benefit a charity!

Apple iLife '09

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