Simplicity Can Help Creativity


Nice little productivity article from Zen Habits.

Numbers 6 and 7 speak to me right now.

6. Use one simple tool. For me, I just choose one text editor to write (usually either WriteRoom or TextEdit). The simpler the tool, the better, because full featured tools end up being distracting and you want to fiddle with all the options. A pen and pad are also great. If you must use more than one tool, keep them small and simple.

7. When you\’re overwhelmed, focus on less. If the project is too big or complicated or just hard, narrow it down. If you must write a book, don\’t focus on the whole book, or even a whole chapter. Just write a section — something you can do in a few hours or less. If you\’re starting a new business, don\’t worry about getting the whole thing up and running — what\’s the smallest amount you can offer at first, the smallest unit you can create? Focus on that.

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