Do You Love Boobs?


This is good stuff, and for a great cause. The folks over at WooThemes have started a campaign called “We Love Boobs” to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We Love Boobs: Breast Cancer Awareness

Many developers (Brian, Veerle, etc.) go Pink for October. I’m doing the same, and if you’re in the market for a theme, take a look at WooThemes. One, they are awesome themes. Two, they are great people and offer incredible support.

I already donate 50% of all revenue generated on this site to charity. In addition, for October, if you use my WooThemes affiliate link, not only will WooThemes make their donation, but I will donate 100% of my referral revenue to Susan G. Komen For the Cure.

Don’t need a WordPress theme? Check out TweetForBoobs.

**UPDATE 10/02/2009: I’ve decided to donate 100% of ALL affiliate profits made this month to find a cure.

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