The Last Several Week in Browsing


I’m getting sloppy with my “This Week in Browsing” posts. I’ll try to do better, because this is info I want to catalog, and it’s info that I think needs to be shared.

The 3rd and the 7th, a short film by Alex Roman – Absolutely amazing. (via Gruber)

Computers are Dumb – Make Smarter Learning – Good article. I am increasingly frustrated with lame interactions in e-Learning. You’d think that we’d have something better by now.

This quote is the key:

“Don\’t just have your learners interact with the computer — have them interact with other people.”

Validation, collaboration, accountability, etc. are better defined, delivered and received by humans. Use the computer to deliver some content – use humans to deliver the rest.

Dreaming of an Apple Tablet – I’m in the same boat. 95% of the time, my Macbook Pro is a desktop. But I need it to be portable that other 5%, and I want all my music, files, photos, etc. when I’m on the go. Not sure where I’m headed with my setup.

An Amalgamation of Predictions and Questions Regarding the Apple Tablet – Amalgamation, indeed. Thorough and thoughtful.

Viewing PDFs in a Browser on a Mac – Good stuff from Philip – I’m tired of Adobe.

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