Giving Back 2010: Blog Action Day for Water


So it’s Blog Action Day, 2010. I had been planning a longer post than this, and I still hope to finish it later tonight, but I wanted to get something up before the day was over.

Look, there are a lot of reasons to give back to society. A lot of us do, a lot of us don’t. It’s a personal choice. Here’s my pitch for giving back:

Consider how lucky you are. If you’re even reading this post, you’re so lucky it’s ridiculous. You have power. You have the internet. You have a smart phone, an iPad or a computer. That alone puts you at a great advantage over the majority of the people on this planet. Most of you have a job that pays you more than $5 per day.

You’re lucky.

Consider the magnitude of this. You have an incredible opportunity to do good. To be good. To help someone that is not as fortunate as you. It’s simple. Donate $1. Donate $100. Volunteer. Write a blog post about a charity. Share this link on Facebook or Twitter. It doesn’t matter. It’s simple.

Give back.

If you’d like to give back, and want to join in the official charity for Blog Action Day, use the widget below. Otherwise, check out Charity Water, Village Learning and Achievement Center, or Serve.

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